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Cemetery Advisory

  1. Timing for visiting the cemetery is from 08:00 am to 5:30 pm
  2. For any type of work on the grave or in the cemetery please proceed after getting due permission from the In-Charge or other nominated member of Church of the Epiphany, Gurgaon.
  3. Due to the shortage of burial place available in Gurugram, all graves will be retained for a period of 7 years from the date of last burial in a particular grave. Thereafter, Church of the Epiphany’s Cemetery Committee has the right to reclaim and re-use / allot the same same plot of land for other burials.
  4. Charges for the upkeep of the graveyard for the first year is Rs. 12,000 (Rupees Twelve thousand) only (inclusive of labour charges for digging/ preparation of each ‘kutcha’ grave). Maintenance charges of Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten thousand) for 7 years (at present). Please note that for ‘pucca’ graves with brick lining the material charges well be extra based on actuals.
  5. The outer size for the grave plot shall be 7 ft x 3 ft.
  6. The following documents are Mandatorily required prior to conducting the burial:
    • Death declaration certificate of the registered medical practitioner/ doctor OR
    • Declaration, as mandated by the Law, by the Legal heir of the deceased on a duly notarised court affidavit (on Rs. 10/- non judicial stamp paper), witnessed by 5 people (with full names and signatures along with addresses, copies of their Aadhar card/ Passport) AND
    • Copy of the Aadhar Card or Passport of the deceased AND
    • Letter from the Parish Priest stating the membership of the deceased with the Parish
    • In cases requiring police verification of death – verification certificate from the Police department with signature and seal of the verifying officer.
  7. The entire paper documentation along with the payments will be done at Church of the Epiphany, Civil Lines, Gurugram BEFORE the burial takes place.
  8. All Parish Priests are requested to make the entry of the burial in the Cemetery Record Register with their Full name (not initials), Signature and name of the Parish/ denomination and contact number.
  9. No vehicle other than the Hearse will be allowed inside the Cemetery premises (without permission). Vehicles may please be parked outside the premises.
  10. People attending the last rites or visiting the Cemetery are requested to keep the premises clean. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER or deface. Kindly respect the sanctity of the place.
  11. Wastage of water is prohibited.
  12. Doubling of the graves within the time frame of 7 years will be allowed only for family members with the No Objection Certificate obtained on a legal/ judicial paper by the siblings and close relatives of the deceased buried. Please also fill the form/affidavit for the Reopening of a Grave for Burial.
  13. Keeping in view the growing scarcity of space for graves, burial of ashes would be most welcome.
  14. Donations against receipt for the upkeep of the Cemetery are welcome and can be made to made at Church of the Epiphany, Gurugram.
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